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I Help Beginner and Intermediate Yoga Students Find Confidence on (and off) the Mat.

Our online yoga retreats are designed to help new yoga students discover what yoga means to them, personally.

breate. move. soothe.

8-Hour Online Retreat: Yoga for Anxiety Relief


A personal essay I wrote on the topic of chronic illness and mental health was recently published in SELF magazine. You can read that article, titled 5 Ways I Take Care of My Mental Health While Living With MS, by clicking the button below! 

You've Come to Yoga for a Reason.

Let's Work Together To Make Sure You Find What You're Looking for.

Hi, I'm Morgan.

Twenty years of practicing and teaching yoga has taught me this: your yoga practice can change what you are capable of on and off the mat.

I see it happen often. Students first come to yoga to decrease stress or increase flexibility and strength. Not long after, they begin to sense that some other kind of magic is happening on the mat - that they might be getting much, much more than they bargained for.

Some yoga students experience big physical, emotional, and mental changes, especially in the early years of yoga practice. Like any other season of change, students might feel unprepared, out of their element, or even a bit (or very) lost.

And, that, is exactly where I can help...

What it's like to work with Me

My goal is to take some of the mystery and intimidation out of the beginning yoga experience and to provide students with a clear - and personal - purpose and direction for their time on the mat. Here's how I do that:

Online Yoga Retreats with Personal Purpose

I focus on helping students explore yoga not just as a physical practice, but as a personal growth practice. To do this, I create online yoga retreats designed to help students explore the everyday personal growth journeys that a yoga mat can take a student on.

3 Modern-Day Survival Tools

I don’t pretend like yoga is a cure-all or that it “works” the same for everyone. Instead, I focus on yoga as one of three modern-day survival tools. Each of my retreats show students how to pair yoga with mindfulness meditation and journaling. This way, student are offered multiple modes of self-discovery and growth. 

A Little Science, A Whole Lotta Soul

I believe that knowledge of how the human body works is both inspiring and empowering. When students understand the “how”, the “why” behind these particular exercises becomes abundantly clear. My formal education is deeply-rooted in the physiological sciences, so my retreats are, too! You can learn more about that by clicking the button below...

Fresh Reads: Beginning Yoga Tips, Tools, and Guides

From Asana to Zen, this collection of 39 must-know yoga terms can help bring more clarity, safety, and comfort to a new student’s yoga practice.

Wondering how to choose a yoga retreat that's best for you? From looking to booking, with this guide, you can't go wrong!

From space basics and classic props to luxurious cherry-on-tops, here's how to give practicing yoga at home a studio-like feel.


How to Get Right-Now Anxiety Relief That Actually Lasts

Using my personal experience managing anxiety and autoimmune disease, I created The Anxiety Relief Retreat, an online yoga, meditation, and journaling retreat designed specifically to soothe an anxious soul.