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How to Make Clear, Joyful Meaning of Yourself

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Through 70-plus physical and handwritten exercises, Your Disco Ball Heart offers readers a semi-guided crash-course in self-study. 

What we do

Guides and tools for building self-confidence

You know the glow when you see it. There's a recognizable peace and casual happiness that seems to shine in the faces of people who are comfortable in their own skin. 

I believe it only takes a few humble tools - and a little bit of grit - to find that kind of self-esteem. With something to write with and something to write on, you can make meaningful self-discoveries, build self-confidence...and maybe even fall in self-love. (Bow-chicka-bow-wow.)

If you've got a freshly-sharpened pencil, I've got the paper. Choose from one of our three article categories in our Self-Love Library to get started.


A three-part equation

You won't have to hang out here for long before you learn that I was/am a lifelong shy kid. Early on, I forewent all subjects that required self-expression (i.e, art and music) and sought refuge in the objectivity of purely right or purely wrong answers. 

Since then, I've learned to color outside the lines. But, I've relied on old, comforting methods to do just that. I've found the path to start caring LESS about what others think of you and MORE about what you think of you looks like a set of three equations:




My guides and tool follow these stages.

why WE do it

I’ve been there!

Hello! I'm Morgan, a recovered Type-A+ people-pleaser and praise-seeker. Through Neon Soul Supply Co., I share the same habits, exercises, projects and tools that I used to start self-defining success and happiness so that you can do the same.

I'd love to think I can help you along your self-discovery journey, then again, I've learned - and accepted! - that it's impossible to be everybody's favorite flavor. So, the best way for you to find out whether my tools and style work for you personally, is to sign up for "The Nudge",  This is a free activity sheet I will send out just once a month that features three personal growth activities. "The Nudge" starts sending Fall 2021. You can sign up in the big blue box and opt out any time.

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