Beginning Yoga | Yoga Tips, Tools, and How-To Guides For New Yogis

Beginning Yoga: Tips, Tools and How-To Videos

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Are you a beginning yoga student? Welcome and congratulations! Whether you've come to yoga for stress and anxiety relief, to improve flexibility or strength, travel and adventure, or for something that you can't quite put your finger on yet, we're here for you.

From quick definitions of popular yoga terms and poses to a 101-style intro to yoga philosophy, this ever-growing collection of tips, tools, and How-to guides and videos was designed to support you along this awesome new journey that is yoga practice.

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New to yoga? Congratulations! Starting a new yoga practice is like saying ‘yes’ to a life-changing journey. As with any adventure worth going on, it can be helpful to keep a field guide handy.

This article features 39 popular yoga terms - and a few memorable situations - that beginner yoga students are likely to encounter on and off the mat. Getting familiar with these terms can help bring more clarity, safety, and comfort to a new student’s practice.